Choosing the CORE

Choosing the CORE

To begin with, we have designed each of the bases keeping all possible body types in mind. We tend to dress differently depending on the occasion, our mood and also on our body type.

Whether you've been working out and want to show off those abs or you've been indulgent and want to hide the vacation flab, we've got you covered! (Pun intended) 



Choose between Clio (set of a crop and mermaid skirt) and Athena (set of a crop and tailored pants) for a monochromatic look emphasising the bare stomach.

Go for Brizo (only the crop) if you want to mix it up and style it with your favorite shorts, skirts or even ethnic lehengas. 

Style the crop with any of the frilled attachments to add oomph or go for any of the capes to add elegance.


Gaia and Tyche are flared dresses which are fitted till the bust and flowy thereafter. They're flattering for those who want to hide the stomach and hip areas. 

Hera and Antheia are full length gowns that feature a fitted bust and flow right after that, without accentuating any body part but gently skimming the hips. While Hera is cut with an empire fit, Antheia features a princess cut. If you wish to flaunt your legs, add a thigh high slit in our product options.



Pheme and Nyx have a bodycon fit that accentuates all the curves. The stretch of the fabric ensures that it shapes the body the right way.

Iris and Doris are both mermaid gowns, with Iris having a more prominent flare and Doris having a princess cut with comparatively less flare. You can also choose the length of the trail in our product options while adding them to your cart. 



Clio is a fitted skirt and crop set. It accentuates the stomach, hip and legs with a thigh high slit. Maia is a draped dress with an empire cut which slightly hides  the stomach and hips, and flaunts the legs. Hebe, Metis and Eos are bodycon dresses that flaunt the legs and shape the curves of the body overall.

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